The Barefoot Approach Explained

Taking a horse barefoot isn't just about removing the shoes. Often, having a shoeless horse can require a completely different mindset. The focus is on getting the hooves as strong and healthy as  they can be so shoes are unnecessary. The unshod hoof has very different needs to a shod hoof. 

There's 3 fundamental elements to taking a horse barefoot with minimal stress and frustration (for both you and your horse):


Taking a horse barefoot often requires a very different approach to having a horse shod.


Information is just data. Knowledge is a true understanding of the information. 


It can be really scary going barefoot with your horse. It's far less stressful with supportive friends and professionals

Below are the most useful articles I've published to help you find the clarity and support you need to meet your horse's needs when going barefoot.

Barefoot Thinking

Transitioning Your Horse: Boots And Pads For Rehabilitation

Hoof boots are a great way to give a bare hoof some protection while you’re transitioning your horse from shod to barefoot, and used in conjunction with therapeutic pads they can even help strengthen the internal structures. They can however be a bit of a challenge to fit if you haven’t done it before, and determining

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Transitioning Your Horse: Rest or Exercise for Great Hoof Health?

When the shoes come off, it’s common for the hoof to need to heal and strengthen to become fully sound and functional. What is needed to rehabilitate the hooves will depend on what problems you’re trying to address. People are often advised to work the feet until they’re better, but this isn’t always the best course

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Transitioning Your Horse: Taking The Shoes Off? How to Plan For Barefoot Success

There are so many health benefits to having a horse barefoot rather than shod that it’s becoming quite common these days for people to remove the shoes and transition their horse to barefoot. While the reduced concussion, reduce slippage, lack of nail holes and increase in hoof function have great benefits for the health of the

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Transitioning Your Horse: The Best Time to Get the Shoes Off and Go Barefoot

I’m often asked when the best time to transition a horse to barefoot is. Is the hard ground in Summer a challenge or is the mud in Winter more of a problem. They say the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second-best time is now. It’s somewhat similar when going barefoot.

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Inside Out

I frequently see people asking for help on social media when their horse is lame, or footsore, as it’s often referred to these days. More and more often I keep seeing people asking for help because the weather has made their horse lame, or the ground is making their horse sore.Outside InThis would be classic

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Can All Horses Go Barefoot?

The question as to whether a horse can go barefoot is a common one. Often asked by farriers or horse owners. Sometimes it feels more like a test, than a question they really want the answer to. It’s not asking about a specific horse, but more generally about all horses. It’s a bit of a

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Just A Little Bit

Do you trim your own horses? How do you approach it? I’m not talking about techniques here, I’m talking about mind set… What is it that you’re thinking about and what are you trying to achieve. Let me be clear. I’m definitely not saying in any way that people should or shouldn’t trim their own horses.

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How Very Perceptive – Thinking About Barefoot…

“It’s not about the trim.” Said pretty much every barefoot trimmer ever… Repeatedly. Sometimes with a further explanation, sometimes a hand to the forehead in frustration, sometimes with a chuckle, and sometimes with some expletives thrown in. But trust me, we’ve all said it (or at least I hope we have). Now the problem lies in qualifying that statement.

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Innovative Thinking and Sound Reasoning in Hoof Care

I saw this photo on Facebook, not long ago.  You may have already seen it.  Opinions vary considerably depending on your knowledge base and system of beliefs.  Some people are horrified, others are impressed. While I’m passionate about hoof care, what really interests me here is something else. I find myself intrigued and somewhat saddened –

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The Thing About Going Barefoot…

Well it’s not really about barefoot is it?Going barefoot is about so much more, that at times, the ‘barefoot’ part of it all isn’t what’s important. I mean, yes, when you take a horse’s shoes off you get a really clear picture of exactly where you are.  And that’s very important.  To know where you’re starting

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Owner Support & Advice

Let’s Talk About It

Every so often I ask on the facebook page, what people find the most frustrating or challenging thing about having a barefoot horse. The most common answer is communicating with other people, or dealing with people who don’t understand barefoot. It’s a common frustration for barefoot horse owners, that we come under criticism for not having

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The REAL Difference: Farrier Trim vs Barefoot Trim

One of the first questions everyone asks when considering removing shoes and ‘going barefoot’ is ‘What’s the difference between a farrier trim and a barefoot trim?’ It’s a fair question, but it’s also a question that makes my brain melt a little bit. There’s nothing wrong with the question, but I’m a very literal person,

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Say What?

There’s so much advice out there in the horse world, some of it great, some of it awful, and anything in between. We only need advice when we don’t know what to do, so how are we to decipher good advice from bad unless we already know the answer?!? And why would we need advice

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I Think You’re Right

Really, I think you’re right, and sometimes, you simply don’t get enough credit for just how much you know! We all have many roles in life, so to be clear, I mean you the horse owner (or caregiver I suppose, if we’re being particularly politically correct – blugh!) As a horse and hoof health consultant, I

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If I Were An Alien (and Other Horse Non-Sense)

How often do you consider something you see as normal? When you do identify something as normal, doesn’t that automatically imply that it’s also ‘correct’? To be honest I’ve never been one for right and wrong, correct and incorrect. I tend to think more in terms of action and reaction. Wrong would mean, not what I

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The Golden Rule of Barefoot Trimming

There’s a lot of talk about what trimming methods to use, what should, or should never be done to a hoof. I frequently hear people, particularly online, trying to boil down a ‘good’ trim into a catch phrase or 1 simple rule.  Is there such a thing as a golden rule of barefoot trimming? Here are some

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